The Alternative School

Our Social Impact

Social Impact Statement

The Alternative School offers a personalised education programme that mainstream schools, free schools, special schools, academies and pupil referral units are struggling to offer. Our current 3 campuses plus forest school provision bridge the gap for pupils who have become dis-engaged and require a nurturing and individual approach in order to reach their full potential.

We work with those pupils who have already tried the local offer and who have found their needs cannot be met through this traditional approach to education. Our cohort includes those young people who are at risk of exclusion, previously home educated, children looked after, SEN, High Risk Assessments, YOT orders, Drugs & Alcohol misuse, school phobic, very low literacy, numeracy and emotional literacy or victims of bullying and a small percentage of 1:1, home education and remote learning packages being delivered on an adhoc basis.

Our service is tailored around each specific young person and their needs, uniquely targeted at those young people that have tried all other available options through the local authority and whose needs cannot be met. Our approach is innovative in that we allow pupils to choose their own timetables to fit around their responsibilities as young carers, restorative work as young offenders, appointments with counsellors, mental health services or other professionals.

Our pupils choose one teacher to teach all subjects, flexible attendance times, are encouraged to try a wide range of academic and vocational courses and are offered a form of education where they feel valued / nurtured and encouraged to gain the confidence and qualifications they need and WANT to progress in life. We also provide remote, learning packages for those pupils who would like to access our service through distance learning, enabling them to gain accredited qualifications on a par with their peers.

Attendance increases on average by 40% compared to their previous education when attending TAS. (Improved attendance praised in Ofsted Report, June 2014)

The Alternative school has worked with over 500 pupils across the Northwest over a 10 year period, on average achieving 5 qualifications, the Duke of Edinbugh's Award, (GCSE English, Maths and various BTEC Awards, Certificates and Diplomas) with a high percentage obtaining college / apprentice / training places upon leaving.

There are over 3100 secondary schools in England with only just over half of them achieving the necessary 5 A-C GCSE grades and only 68% achieving a majority of 3 A- C`s. 1000`s of pupils each year are denied this opportunity with the fear of affecting the school league table results and therefore removed or not entered, compared to 100% of TAS pupils set these targets with high expectations of all and a `can do` approach no matter what their previous experience of school.

Our primary focus is to bridge the gap between our pupils current status and that required for them to both engage in and progress onto further education. We believe that every young person can achieve academically, given the right support and environment and by supporting the academics at this stage, further increase their life chances by promotion further education and wider opportunities.

We not only support pupils, but their parents / carers too through the `bumpiness`, with a policy of not excluding and sticking with every pupil through their difficult journey. We aim to build a trusting relationship that promotes confidence all round, continuing to stay in touch and support pupils many years after leaving us.